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Getting A Mediation


Mediation is a way to to resolve a disagreement between two or more parties. A trained mediator helps parties of almost equal bargaining positions to correct disagreements about family issues. Mediators tend to be: social workers, lawyers, psychologists, and other professionals. Their job is to aid people involved in the mediation, to reach a decision on support payments, division of property, custody of and access to the children, or any other family related issue. Mediators will not take sides, they cannot give legal advice either.


Before you even consider a mediator you should consult with a lawyer first. It is helpful to understand your rights, the law, and your obligations. Lawyers will most likely not come to the mediation with you. When deciding whether mediation is right for you and your case, you will have to choose whether or not the mediation will be open or closed. If mediation is open the process is not confidential. If the mediation were to be closed it would then mean that the mediation is confidential. The mediation will then not be allowed to be used in court as evidence for either party. However, there are some exceptions such as, concern arises over the welfare of a child.


For more details or for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your case, contact us.

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