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Child Support

How Child Support Is Determined

A child's parents each have both the moral and legal responsibility to provide financial
support for the children, but in the event of a separation or divorce the extent to
which a parent is required to provide financially is dependent on child custody and

The parent without residence of the child is required to provide child support based
on a formula that takes into account income and the total number of children.

Getting An Experienced Child Support Attorney

Retaining the services of an experienced Ontario Child Support Family Lawyer will
help you to navigate the system and calculate child support payments in Ontario.


To apply to obtain child support from a parent, apply for a change to an existing
support order or agreement in an Ontario Court, or calculate the nature and extent of
your own obligations, an experienced Child Support Attorney can get help you arrive
at an arrangement that is not only fair for both parents but also the child.


For a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your case and to protect the rights of you and your child, contact Vamos Law today!

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