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Legal Aid

Representation Through Legal Aid Ontario


Legal Aid in Ontario, often referred to as LAO, is an independent agency that is funded mainly by the province of Ontario. It can provide funding for high quality legal services to those who have a low income. There are services in a number of areas such as criminal and family matters or immigration and refugee hearings. People who need legal aid receive a certificate issued to that eligible individual, who will then be able to use a private lawyer of their own choosing.


LAO also funds 80 independent, community based legal aid clinics. These clinics provide many services like poverty law, such as:

  • housing

  • social assistance

  • pensions

  • workers’ compensation

  • employment insurance


Duty counsel could also be of service for people facing criminal, family, or youth court without a legal representative.


If you require a lawyer and have questions about our services and eligibility for Legal Aid, please contact us today!

Services We Offer:

  • Advice - Domestic Violence

  • Child Protection

  • Family Law

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