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Separation & Separation Agreements

When partners make the decision to live apart because their relationship has ended, this is referred to as a "separation." The pair could be in a marital relationship or they could be living as common-law partners while not being married.

Thinking of a Separation Agreement?


Separation Agreements do not legally end a marriage, but they do help to set parameters which resolve some family issues related to assets and liabilities, support, custody access, and could also allow you and your former spouse to provide releases to each other for other issues you do not wish to claim. It is a contract between two parties which can affect the entire family. As your Lawyer, Martin Vamos will draft your legal Separation Agreement in accordance with your instructions and his legal advice. As a part of preparing your Separation Agreement, we will ensure to cover the following:

  • Full Financial Disclosure

  • Child Support calculations in accordance with the Child Support Guidelines

  • Spousal Support calculations or release

  • Valuation of Pension Plans

  • Division of Assets

  • Interests in the Matrimonial Home

  • Independent Legal Advice


For more details on our services related to Separation and Separation Agreements, and to discuss your case with a separation lawyer near you, please book a free consultation below. 

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