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Domestic Violence Advice

Changes in family dynamics can increase stress and intensify whatever personal problems that family members were already experiencing before to separation. According to statistics, when a relationship ends, rage and frustration statistically increase the likelihood that there will be a dating or marital violence event.

While some spouses who suffered domestic violence during the partnership report an increase in it after the split, others describe experiencing it for the first time. When you start the process of terminating your relationship, you could discover that your spouse's tendencies—such as depression, violence, moodiness, anger, or control—get worse. When a relationship ends, some spouses do not handle the loss of control well, especially if they were not the ones to initiate the breakup. 

If you feel unsafe in your home environment, it is important to seek help. 

If you feel even if the courts do not rule that you are in danger, you shouldn't continue to be in a hazardous environment. A lawyer will advise you that leaving the marital residence and creating a new status quo is not advised prior to trial, but they will also advise you that your safety should come first over all legal considerations.

To discuss your options, contact us for a free consultation. 

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